Get to know the medical and administration team at Cuckoo Lane Practice.

Our mission is to provide an excellent, high quality health experience for all our patients. Our team are fully trained and compliant with NHS confidentiality policies and all mandatory training. We regularly run in-house team based training to improve our service to our patient population.

Who does what?

Nurse Practitioners
More advanced care of long term health conditions, Prevention of coronary heart disease, Prescribing, Referrals to hospitals and specialists, Home visits to people unable to attend the surgery, Examining, diagnosing and treating common health conditions such as chest infections, rashes tonsillitis, eczema, back pain, urine infections and problems with depression and common children’s complaints.
General Practitioners
Diagnosing, assessing, monitoring and treating more complex health conditions. Assessing changes in long term conditions, Medical certificates for work. Home visits to people unable to attend the surgery. Prescribing, Referrals to hospitals and specialists.
Practice Nurses
Implementing the health screening programmes, health promotion.

Care of long term health conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Dressings and removal of stitches, ear syringing and care, immunisations. Specialists in women’s health and family planning. Travel medicine and smoking cessation.

Healthcare Assistants/
Blood pressure measuring, urine testing. New Patient Health Checks.

Take blood for a variety of tests requested by doctors, nurses and hospital clinics.

Reception/Admin Staff
First point of contact for all patients to book appointments, check prescriptions etc. Write letters to hospitals and patients. Deal with all post, telephone calls etc.